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Energy Savings Tips for Your Home Plumbing this Summer

Energy Savings Tips for Your Home Plumbing this Summer

The change of seasons means longer days, different wardrobe choices, and more Vitamin D for your skin. You also have a lot of things to consider when it comes to getting your home ready for the rising temperatures. To save money, you'll need to seal your windows for insulation, choose energy efficient air conditioners and fans, and watch your water consumption. Here are a few tips from Crawford Mechanical Services to keep in mind when you’re working with your plumbing in the upcoming months. A professional can help you with any or all of these tricks of the trade.

Small Actions, Big Savings

Simple tasks can make a sizable difference in your water bill, but they are often overlooked in the midst of the fun summer activities you’re undoubtedly excited to get into. Check your hoses to make sure they’re tightly closed as they often drip, and ensure your sprinklers are not running at night. Your pipes are all interconnected, so don’t leave any hose on (regardless of what type of nozzle it is) because it can interfere with the hot water in your home.

Water loss adds up quickly over time and Crawford Mechanical Services is here to help you cut your waste down, both for your bill and the environment.

Save Money Filling Your Pool

Thinking Ahead

Call your water company before you start to use your hose to fill your pool. As there’s no drainage, you won’t need to pay sewage costs. Your condensate line for your air conditioner may need a drain cleaning to ensure that it's clear of leaves or other debris, so you won’t overwork your costly appliance.

When you go on vacation, it is recommended that you turn down your water heater on the off-chance you have a leak. You'd still be required to pay the extra cost for the hot water, and it's an easy fix to avoid the risk. Turn your thermostat up as well, so you're not constantly running your air conditioner, but not so much that when you get back the system will have to struggle to cool your house back down.

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The Expertise of Crawford Mechanical Services

Crawford has worked on every type of structure and utility setup, and their staff has certainly picked up the knowledge and experience needed to do the job right along the way. It's easy to think that you already know the state of your energy usage, but these are common pitfalls they have seen happen time and time again. They're here to come to your aid with your plumbing, drain cleaning, and more. Their priority is your trust, and they can advise you on every related topic. With such easy ways to prevent this type of waste, they're here to pass on the best methods for you and your family to save money and avoid hassle before the summer turns out to have more memories than just cookouts and road trips.